Residential Furnace Installation in San Diego

If your furnace has been making odd noises or your home is not evenly heating then it is time to look into furnace installation in San Diego, CA. While you may not need consistent heating all of the time in San Diego, you do need it when the nights get cold, which is why furnace replacement is not something that you take lightly. Believe it or not, one of the best ways to ensure your furnace will last for a few decades is by making sure it is properly installed. At Friar's Heating and Air we take furnace installation seriously and serve it up with a side of delightful customer service that helps make the experience a bit more enjoyable than you likely expect.

At Friar's Heating and Air, we make sure your home’s heat loss calculation is taken into account when selecting the best heater options for your home. When the heater is sized and installed correctly, your heater should work flawlessly and provide warm air for many years without posing any health risks. Our technicians attend the best HVAC schools in the United States and produce the highest quality workmanship in San Diego.