Residential Heater Maintenance In San Diego

Furnace Heating Maintenance - Friars Heating and AirA furnace is the most popular type of heating in San Diego. A furnace has a large number of moving parts that wear down over time. Furnace maintenance is certainly key in extending the life of your furnace. In doing so, you avoid frequent breakdowns and ensure you have an efficient unit for many years to come.

Heater Maintenance

At Friar's Heating and Air, we advocate for regular preventive furnace maintenance of your furnace system. Our trained professionals will inspect your unit and ensure it is running safely and efficiently. Signing up for our maintenance agreement will ensure your furnace has a long lifespan with higher efficiency and fewer reports.

During a routine maintenance, you can expect our technician to:

  • Check, adjust, and clean blower component
  • Replace homeowner supplied standard air filters
  • Check heat exchanger
  • Confirm thermostat calibration
  • Inspect and tighten all electrical parts
  • Inspect and test all accessible moving parts
  • Evaluate the efficiency of your unit

Benefits Of Heater Maintenance

  • Extended life. You can expect your furnace to have a longer life with regular cleanings.
  • Greater efficiency. When your furnace is running efficiently, you could see a decrease in your utility bills.
  • Fewer failures and breakdowns. Most breakdowns can be prevented or caught during scheduled furnace maintenance.

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