At Friar's Heating and Air, we’re highly experienced with Indoor Air Quality in San Diego, CA. Pollutants can build up in the air in your home and cause an array of issues. Poor indoor air has been linked with many health issues. It could make it difficult to breathe, make your asthma worse, or cause itchy skin.

Long-term air pollution exposure has been linked with heart and lung disease. Finding Air Quality Solutions to suit your specific needs can ensure you have clean air in your home. Our team can perform an air quality test and help you understand the situation that you’re dealing with.

Air pollutants can build up in a home that doesn’t have enough fresh air entering from the outside. This can happen when you have to keep windows and doors closed. Homes that are built to be highly energy efficient are very airtight and can have circulation issues. Pollutants can come in the form of particulates, chemical vapors, mold, bacteria, and viruses. If they don’t get removed from the air, they can be inhaled and lead to problems and disease spread.