Residential Heater Replacement In San Diego

Heating ServicesFriar's Heating and Air is the premier air conditioning company in San Diego. We strive to provide “Heavenly Service” every day of the year. Should you need to buy a new furnace, we recommend only the best ENERGY STAR ® brands available today.

Furnace technologies vary in the way they work and in the efficiencies they provide. Here are some of the things to keep in mind about the different types of furnaces available:

  • Single Stage Furnaces
    A single-stage furnace only have one heat output – high. They continually disperse the maximum amount of heat the furnace is designed for, regardless of the temperature outdoors or in certain areas of your home. A single-stage furfnace that runs at 100% capacity all the time is less energy efficient than a two-stage furnace or a variable speed furnace.
  • Two Stage Furnaces
    A two-speed furnace can run on low-speed up to 90% of the time, it operates more quietly and runs for longer periods of time than a single-speed furnace. This translates into fewer on and off cycles and much smaller temperature swings. The result is more consistent heating throughout your home.
  • Variable Speed Furnace
    A variable speed furnace provides you with the ultimate combination of comfort, efficiency, and quiet performance. Building on the benefits of two-speed furnaces, variable-capacity furnaces offer “smart” motors that can monitor your building’s outdoor environment and make automatic adjustments to maintain the most efficient heating possible indoor.
  • We offer a full range of high-quality home comfort systems to meet your heating needs, including residential furnace repair and furnace maintenance. We will provide you with a system that is proven to be quieter and more efficient, which ensures your comfort.

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