If you or those in your home suffer from autoimmune disorders, respiratory conditions, asthma or extreme allergies, consider installing UV lights in your San Diego, CA home. UV lights do an excellent job of purifying air that’s traveling through your air vents and are usually installed inside either the furnace, the AC, or ductwork. Its primary goal is to kill off any pathogenic microorganisms that may be in your home, like bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew.

These germicidal lights can kill 99% of all pathogens and germs in your home; thus, creating a safer and cleaner environment. The germicidal lights are easy to install and do not affect or interfere with your system’s overall performance and efficiency. On the contrary, some professionals claim that these lights will even improve your air conditioner’s performance by removing any buildup of microorganisms that may be disrupting its operation.