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September 15

10 Solar Energy Myths

More and more, we’re looking for ways to use clean, renewable energy because we want to tackle the problems of global warming caused by pollution…. View Article Read More

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August 20

A Guide to Solar Energy Savings and What You Can Expect

Solar power systems are becoming increasingly popular and also much less expensive than they were even a decade ago. Upgrading your home with solar power… View Article Read More

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May 31

The Science of Solar Power

Solar power has been one of the most progressive inventions of our time. The amount of sunlight that the planet receives in 90 minutes is… View Article Read More

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May 4

Installing Commercial Solar Panels and Their Benefits

If you have solar panels on your home, you might be interested to learn more about the potential for these panels to be installed on… View Article Read More

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April 12

Do Solar Panels Work on Cloudy Days?

Having solar panels is very different from getting power off the local grid. The advances in solar technology in recent decades and increased affordability mean… View Article Read More

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March 16

How a Tesla Powerwall Can Make Your Home More Efficient

For a variety of reasons, more homeowners than ever in the San Diego, CA, area are turning to rooftop solar to meet their home’s power… View Article Read More

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February 14

Is a Solar Lease or Solar Financing Right for You?

With energy prices soaring, not to mention an increasing demand for reducing their carbon footprints, more homeowners in San Diego, CA than ever before are… View Article Read More

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January 2

How Solar Panels Make Your Home More Valuable

Solar panels are quickly becoming attractive for homeowners looking to increase property value or save on electric bills. They harness the energy from the sun… View Article Read More