More and more, we’re looking for ways to use clean, renewable energy because we want to tackle the problems of global warming caused by pollution. Luckily, we have many options for renewable energy, and one of them is solar energy. It’s available all year round, but some people still doubt how efficient it is. It’s about time we cleared up those doubts and started thinking positively about solar power. Let’s look at some myths about solar energy that you should know.

1. Solar Energy Is Too Expensive

One of the most persistent misconceptions about solar energy is its perceived high cost. However, the tide has turned in favor of solar power. Between 2009 and 2015, the cost of solar panels dropped significantly, making them more affordable. This decline, around 30%, has paved the way for solar energy to become a financially viable option. Despite the common misconception that solar energy continues to be a costly option, it’s crucial to recognize that solar power’s affordability exceeds that of conventional coal-based energy generation in many regions across the globe. The plummeting cost and growing effectiveness have converted solar energy into a practical and wise choice for residential power generation. As a progressive enterprise, Friar's Heating and Air is aiding in this shift by offering special offers and the expertise of qualified solar professionals.

2. Solar Panels Don’t Work in Extreme Temperatures

The idea that solar panels don’t work well in extreme weather comes from a misunderstanding. Solar panels use sunlight, not heat, to make power. So, temperature changes don’t really affect how much electricity they produce. Even when it’s cold, solar panels still work just fine. This means that they’re not useless when it’s extremely cold outside. On the other hand, they might not work as well when it’s very hot, but they’re better in cooler places. This means that solar panels can work well whether it’s cold or hot outside, which is different from what some people might think.

3. You Can Keep Adding More Solar Panels for Endless Power

The thought that having lots of solar panels means endless power ignores the complex nature of solar power systems. Many home solar setups have batteries to save extra energy. But remember, these batteries can only hold so much. Adding too many solar panels won’t give you tons more power. So, it’s important to consider how much your batteries can handle when expanding your solar setup. On the flip side, if you’re connected to the grid, the extra energy you make can be sold to the power company, making solar power even more worth it financially.

4. Installing Solar Panels Is Difficult and Requires High Maintenance

Many folks are concerned that installing solar panels is difficult and requires much effort to maintain them. But the truth is, it’s become simpler thanks to improved technology and standardized installation methods. Looking after solar panels is also less challenging than people assume. Our team of solar professionals can handle the task smoothly and swiftly.

Usually, a little water can clear away dirt effectively, but it’s important to have a professional do it for you. Our solar panels are designed to handle various weather conditions, including hail and sleet. Remember that if your solar system doesn’t include batteries, it won’t demand much attention and will ultimately save you money in the long run.

5. Solar Panels Use More Energy in Manufacturing Than They Produce

Many people are also concerned about the environmental impact of producing solar panels, particularly in terms of the energy they consume. However, let’s compare the manufacturing process of solar panels to the methods used for traditional energy generation using resources like oil and coal. Solar energy is more environmentally friendly. Furthermore, operational solar panels do not release harmful greenhouse gases or contribute to air pollution.

6. Solar Power Means No More Electricity Bills

Although the idea of saying goodbye to electricity bills sounds great, it’s important to understand the full picture of how solar power affects household expenses. Solar power systems can save you a lot on your electricity bills, but completely getting rid of those bills might depend on things like where you live, how much sun you get, and how much energy you use. Despite generating your own power, there could still be charges for using the power grid. Still, the money you save and the good things you do for the environment by using solar power make it a really good choice.

7. Solar Panels Work Even During Blackouts

Another misconception is that solar panels can fully power a house on their own during a power outage. However, the truth is that they require a connection to the main power grid to ensure a steady energy supply. During a blackout, solar panels cease operation to ensure the safety of workers repairing the power lines. It’s crucial to utilize solar battery storage to maintain an uninterrupted electricity supply.

8. Solar Panels Damage Your Roof

Many people believe installing solar panels on roofs can damage them, but that’s not true. The reality is that solar panels protect the areas of the roof where they’re installed. Instead of attaching them directly to the roof, our experts place the panels on its surface. This makes it easy to remove them if the roof requires repairs. We take extra steps to ensure the solar panels remain sturdy, such as applying sealants and using metal coverings. However, before we proceed with installation, we ensure your roof is suitable for solar panels.

9. Solar Panels Are Bad for the Environment After Their Lifespan

Concerns about the environmental impact of disposing of old solar panels have led to the misconception that their long-term viability is questionable. However, there’s good news—efforts are in place to recycle solar panels and minimize environmental harm. Typically, each solar panel functions for around 25 years. After this period, recycling initiatives ensure their proper disposal. Moreover, the materials from these used panels can be repurposed to create new solar panels, promoting reduced waste, and maintaining an eco-friendly approach.

10. Solar Panels Lower a Home’s Value

Despite the common belief that solar panels decrease a home’s value, the reality is quite the opposite. Homes equipped with solar panels generally command higher prices in the real estate market. This is largely because many people are seeking environmentally-friendly energy alternatives. Therefore, having solar panels will over time enhance a property’s overall value.

By delving into the heart of these myths and unraveling the truths beneath, it’s evident that solar energy is a beacon of promise in the journey toward sustainability. At Friar's Heating and Air in San Diego, CA, we are here for all your solar power needs. Additionally, we offer a range of other services. Whether you need AC repairs, ductless mini splits, heater repair, heater replacement, or HVAC zoning services, our skilled technicians will be happy to provide quality service for residents in the San Diego area. To learn more about solar energy, read here!

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