Did you know that most HVAC equipment warranties require annual maintenance in order for a manufacturer to honor them? It’s true, but that isn’t the only reason Friar's Heating and Air recommends a seasonal tune-up for your system. A tune-up is good for your HVAC equipment and good for your wallet in both the short term and the long term. We make routine HVAC maintenance an even more appealing proposition through our Comfort Club. As a member, you’ll receive a seasonal heating tune-up and a seasonal cooling tune-up but also a wide range of additional perks.

Seasonal Precision Tune-Up for Your Heating System

We recommend scheduling your heating tune-up in autumn before the weather turns cold, and as a plan member, we’ll ensure that your equipment gets the service it needs on time. Whether you have a furnace, heat pump, or boiler, we’ll perform a comprehensive inspection and cleaning of that system.

Our technician will also:

  • Check and adjust the blower component
  • Tighten all electrical parts
  • Test all accessible moving parts
  • Check the heat exchanger
  • Confirm thermostat calibration
  • Install new air filters that are supplied by the homeowner
  • Evaluate the efficiency of the system.

Our technician will also discuss the state of your equipment with you and answer any questions that you may have.

Seasonal Precision Tune-Up for Your Cooling System

Friar's Heating and Air recommends a precision tune-up for your cooling system in spring to prepare you for the summer heat. We provide this service for central air conditioners but also heat pumps and mini splits, and although heat pumps and mini splits both heat and cool, it is still recommended that they be serviced twice a year. Whatever the equipment, we’ll ensure that our plan members get the service they need on time. Your tune-up service for cooling systems is similar to the procedure for heating systems, except that instead of checking the heat exchanger, the technician will check and optimize the refrigerant levels. He or she will go over the state of your cooling system with you and answer any questions that you may have.

Lower Month-to-Month Heating and Cooling Costs

Not only is seasonal HVAC maintenance a necessary cost, but it’s also one that pays for itself. Inspecting, optimizing, and calibrating your HVAC equipment help ensure that it runs at peak energy efficiency. That means that it costs less to operate your heating and cooling systems on a month-to-month basis. We recommend that you track your heating costs each month. This will let you compare these periods over the life of the equipment. These inspections also give us an opportunity to identify inefficiencies as they crop up. We can determine if they are occurring due to a part that can be replaced or because the system is reaching the end of its useful life.

Less Wear and Tear and Longer Equipment Lifespan

HVAC equipment has moving parts, and thus, wear and tear is inevitable. This is another reason that seasonal maintenance is so important. When we perform a tune-up, we identify all wear and tear and correct it. When you don’t schedule seasonal maintenance, wear and tear persist and develop into more serious problems that shorten the life of the equipment. Tune-ups pay for themselves by extending the life of your equipment and therefore lowering the total cost of ownership.

Priority Scheduling

Friar's Heating and Air has many customers throughout the Greater San Diego area, and sometimes, the demand for our services does not permit us to meet the needs of all of them in a single day. It’s unfortunate, but there are busy periods when a customer may have to wait for service until tomorrow. That is never the case for our Comfort Club members. In fact, we reserve the first appointment of the day and the last appointment of the day exclusively for club members. In addition, when you call us for an appointment, you immediately go to the queue that is exclusively for club members.

$39 Diagnostic Fee

Diagnostic fees have sometimes been a polarizing topic in the HVAC world. An honest diagnostic fee should represent the break-even cost of coming out to your home and diagnosing an HVAC problem. Many companies inflate that fee in order to pad their profits. We do not do that. Instead, we charge our Comfort Club members a flat fee of $39. That is among the lowest such fees in the industry.

Repair Discount

Another great reason to opt for seasonal HVAC maintenance and our Comfort Club in particular is that routine maintenance significantly reduces the likelihood of needing a repair. Of course, preventive maintenance does not come with a guarantee, and breakdowns sometimes still do occur. The good news is that if this does happen to you, we’ll not only provide you with priority service but also give you a 10% discount on all parts, materials, and labor associated with the repair.

One-Year Warranty on All Repairs

In the event a Comfort Club member does need an HVAC repair, we want that customer to have complete peace of mind. In order to provide it, we include a one-year warranty with all repairs completed for club members. That protection will cover all parts and materials required for the repair but also all work performed by our technician.

HVAC Equipment Replacement Discount

That 10% discount that we offer for repairs applies to HVAC replacements as well. If you experience an HVAC problem, and a repair is not practical due the age of the system, we’ll assess your home, help you explore the equipment options available to you, answer any questions that you may have and help you make the best choice for you and your home. We’ll then install your new equipment with precision and provide you a discount on the equipment, materials and labor.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is very important to us, and we offer a satisfaction guarantee to all of our customers. If we come to your home to perform maintenance or a repair, we’re not going to leave until you’re completely satisfied with the work performed. That said, we expand our customer satisfaction commitment for our Comfort Club members. Let’s say you sign off on a job, and we leave, only for you to realize later that you’re not satisfied with some aspect of our work. We’ll come back out and make it right.

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